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NLT utilizes an Agile approach that helps clients work more effectively. Companies like to use this nimble approach to better manage work and get to market faster. We are all familiar with the trials and tribulations of project management, projects often take longer and cost more than expected no matter how big the company. That’s where NLT comes in, we help accomplish twice the work in half the time. We have certified Agile experts ready to complement you and your leadership for strategy or tactical work. We can assist getting visualization on your current state or execute an Agile Transformation “soup to nuts”.

Our experts have trained startups to Fortune 100 companies around the world on how to streamline processes, market more effectively, and get results!

Agile improves the speed, transparency, and adaptability of a company’s process by breaking big projects into smaller pieces that are more suitable for release or testing. This can be applied to software development and product development. Many companies see great results in getting to market faster using an Agile approach, often with the Scrum Framework. In Agile, we need everyone on a team working together toward a common goal. This work is done in time boxes (either a week or two) then iterate upon the product as it’s released incrementally.

There are many types of Agile approaches including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean. NLT has the experience implementing them all!

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