The Best Way to Staff Your Business

no limit technology The Best Way to Staff Your Business

If you are a small business that is looking to add staff, you may be wondering how to approach resource acquisition. Having the right people at the right time, and the right place can be a real challenge. Your employees represent your brand to your customers. When you have the wrong people in the wrong roles, it can easily reduce morale amongst your other employees, and it can also create customer disappointment.

Recruiting new employees is a top area of concern for small businesses. And adding new staff will always be a requirement for businesses – employees age and retire, they get opportunities to do new and different things for other employees, they move away, and so much more. So, how do you find the right people for your business?

no limit technology The Best Way to Staff Your Business

Finding the Right Staff for Your Company

One of the first steps in adding staff to your company includes the development of a clear staffing roadmap. Consider what it is that you need to be done, how often, and the type of skills required to do the work. For some businesses, especially retail organizations or those that experience seasonality in their companies, you may find that you don’t need full-time staff year-round. Taking the time to identify this upfront can help manage expectations of employees, and can prevent disappointment (for both employer and employee) later on should their services no longer be needed. For this reason, companies should challenge themselves on whether or not permanent or contract-based employment is warranted.

Consider what you have to offer new employees. People go to work for more than pay. They want to be challenged, and they want to know that they are making a difference. When you clearly understand the type of skills you need for a role and take the time to hire those roles appropriately, you will better set up your new employees for success – both because you are giving them work that they love to do and because you are giving them work that they know how to do, or are capable of learning to do.

Aside from offering the right type of work, though, you also need to consider the salary and benefits. Salary should be competitive, and enough that employees don’t want to start looking for a higher paycheck immediately. And benefits should include far more than just health and dental insurance. Reward employees with paid time off, bonus holidays, and fun perks throughout the year, such as a holiday party and special bonuses for a job well done.

Offer Employees Opportunities for Growth

When you understand the balance of employees that you need (full-time, part-time, or contract employees), you offer them an opportunity to do what they do best while being challenged, and provide great benefits, you will find that you have set up a sustainable staffing model that will get you through the tough times, and will help you soar through the great times.

Today’s workforce has a lot to offer, and many resources are seeking those non-traditional staffing models (contract-based employment) which provide employers with awesome flexibility. Don’t hesitate to go after this model and embrace it as your own. You may find yourself saving on costs and growing your bottom line all at the same time – and that is a good thing for any small business.

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