What to Look For in a Highly Skilled IT Professional

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We now live in an era where entrepreneurialism is thriving, and several successful start-ups are reaching pinnacles of success. This is especially true in the technology space.

Having a skilled IT professional by your side right from the get-go helps you create a robust and stable business infrastructure. Look out for these aspects when hiring an experienced IT professional:

1. Fundamental Skills

If you have novices in your startup team, it’s crucial that you look for an IT professional with strong fundamental skills. This employee would have to handle network system administration, shell scripting, IT support & programming, and software development, which means they need to be well-rounded.

Keeping employees engaged with a wide range of responsibilities adds an edge to the role and removes the monotony from the job. It keeps them on their toes and encourages them to learn new skills. When you are hiring an IT professional, look for someone versatile and dynamic enough to keep pace with new challenges and the demands of the job.

2. The Ability to Adapt and React

Startups often progress extremely fast. This means you need an IT professional who can think on their feet and provide solutions quickly. Professionals like these can become the pillars of your business in the future. The ability to adapt translates to the ability to compete. In a fast-paced business environment, there is no specific handbook for the solutions you create. This makes it crucial to have a team that is flexible, evolve quickly and function competently.

3. Should Understand Data

Data is crucial for both the IT organization and the business it serves. The professional should have in-depth knowledge about how a business’s data is connected to major software applications. From a company’s standpoint, an IT professional who understands their data flow can figure out its internal process and business model as well.

4. Understands the Business

Being closely aligned with the business they serve is an organizational trend in the IT space. The professional can’t merely be a techie even at a CIO level. It’s essential that they be a reliable business professional as well. Having a good understanding of the business aspect helps these professionals be more innovative and serve the community better.

5. Thinks Outside-the-Box

An IT professional who thinks creatively promotes original ways to solve issues, reuse old technologies in new ways, define new approaches, and create new processes. Activities like these can boost your brand and give you recognition as a  thought leader in the industry. This is why the IT resource you hire, needs to have the ability to think outside the box to support your growing company. 

Someone ambitious, with a can-do spirit, and who is willing to complete the tasks on hand efficiently is more important than their resume. See to it that the IT professional you hire for your team takes ownership of their job and proactively develops required solutions without needing any hand-holding.

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